Our unique Yarn Collection consists of different yarns made from many types and combinations of fibres in a range of colours.

10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Monday to Saturday

Yarn + People + Conversation

These are the three themes of Yarning Place.
Yarning Place brings all these three themes together to build a Yarning Community.

Learn what to do with yarn

Yarn while yarning!

Buy yarn and specialist products

Sell your yarn products

A specialist Yarn shop where you can:

  • buy wool, cotton, alpaca and many other yarns,
  • buy macrame cottons and yarn.
  • learn what to do with yarn,
  • make something from yarn,
  • get advice and help from expert Knitters and Crocheters,
  • meet other yarners,
  • purchase specialist yarn made products and
  • have a yarn with us.


At the Yarning Place you will find:

  • A huge variety of different types of Quality Australian, NZ and International Yarn
  • Knitting/crocheting accessories and patterns
  • Social Yarning Groups
  • Dedicated spaces to gather and yarn while you yarn
  • A small library with vintage and retro patterns that you can browse and borrow
  • Knitting, Crocheting and Macrame classes run by the Yarning Place
  • Online Yarn shop if you can’t visit Yarning Place in person
  • Macramé

The Yarning Place family consists of Jane, Cindy, Lance, our families and our extended yarning community

Hi, I’m Jane. I prefer to crochet with cottons, but I am always looking for new projects using different yarns – currently it’s textured yarn I can use for necklaces. My Nanna taught me to crochet and after the obligatory rug of granny squares, Nanna and I proudly crocheted a doll basket using a margarine container as the base – hands up if you remember them! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/126030489543499172/

I am constantly being inspired by the colours, textures and composition of our yarns. It is so great when someone has a ball of yarn in their hands and wants to see their project come to life – and we can help!

My Mum enjoys knitting so she makes up any knitted item that takes my fancy – the deal is I have to “finish off” and do any hand sewing! She also loves sewing – check out her amazing needles rolls and craft bags in our shop.  My daughter Katie will be in the shop between studying and theatre productions. She loves anything creative and she will keep our window displays fresh and fun! And my boys contribute in their own ways – just not knitting up a storm – yet.

G’day.  Lance here, my interest in yarn comes from wool and conversation, and Macramé

Having grown up around wool, on a wool producing farm just 20 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD  I have kept the love,  feel, texture, warmth, smell and strength of wool.  My personal preference is for Merino and Super Fine Merino wools.

I learnt to tie knots on the farm as a necessity, and developed an interest in Macramé, during the ’70s.  Ah! Remember the ’70s.  Cheesecloth tops and Macramé summers.

I learnt to knit (basic) and darn while young.  However, by my teen years I just stopped, as being on a farm I chose to work outside with my hands.  But the lanolin from the wool has enabled me to keep soft hands all my life.

On opening this shop I have returned to knitting (after a Yarning Place Refresher Knitting Class) . I have begun crochet. I like to be imaginative with yarns and intend to be creative in knitting and macrame.

Opening Yarning Place there is an extensive range of differing yarns.  I look forward to seeing what you create and from which yarns you select.

Hello, I am Cindy and yarn is in my blood. I grew up surrounded by wool, as my mother had a Children’s Wear and Wool shop in Footscray in the 1960s to 1980s. I have been knitting on and off since I was 8 and crocheting since my teens and particular enjoy using old patterns with new yarns. Even though my career path went a different way, I have never lost the love of a good yarn or helping people with their projects.  Yarning Place means that I have done the full circle.

I am constantly amazed at the beautiful textures and colours of the yarns available nowadays and my aim is to knit something from each yarn we stock.

The idea of Yarning Place came about from thinking about opening a wool/yarn shop in a western suburb, we had a vision of not just a place where you can buy yarn, but a place where you can learn what to do with yarn, and have a yarn. To build a community of Yarners.

Yarning Place brings all three together in one place,  Yarn + People + Conversation.